Gentrification affects voter makeup in the city; boom in Georgia TV productions attributed to better flight options

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Legislators have filed more than 20 gun-related bills, as they enter the fourth week of the 2014 session. But it was apparent all the way back in January that of these efforts, expanding law enforcement officers’ gun rights would again dominate the conversation.

The gentrification that is transforming parts of New Orleans is also showing up in voter registration numbers, driving up the proportion of white voters in some of the city’s state legislative districts, according to a new analysis by pollster John Couvillon.

Truth is, Jindal’s “plan” for financing the Master Plan is to sue the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, win in court (which is highly unlikely), and then force Congress to pick up the entire $50 billion to $100 billion cost of implementing the plan. That notion … is preposterous on its face.

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