Coastal Czar Garret Graves said he appreciates “the board members’ new-found love for our coast.” Graves added, “It would be great if they could use their next few months to focus on their actual job.”

Graves was referring to warnings from Jindal and legislators that the Legislature is likely to revamp rules governing the authority in its next session in response to the suit. The terms of authority vice chairman John Barry and two other authority members also have expired, and Jindal is expected to replace them with members more inclined to try to kill the suit.

A blue-ribbon panel will nominate potential members of the flood board later this month. They should re-nominate Tim Doody and John Barry — the president and vice president of the board, whose terms have expired. Both men have served well; they deserve to be reappointed.

At a minimum, the nominating committee should meet in public, discuss all applicants publicly, and give the public a chance to weigh in on these important appointments.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the financial records is that many are linked to David White, a restaurateur and former business partner of Nagin, and for many years his closest friend and confidant. White also served as the mayor’s campaign treasurer.

At least 15 of the accounts listed as evidence are linked to White, who has not been charged or implicated in the case. It’s not clear whether the long list points to a role for White in the case, or whether he is merely mentioned because he managed some of Nagin’s investments as well as his political war chest. 

A little more background: As I noted in a previous opinion column, Nagin, White and John Georges— who recently purchased The Advocate newspaper— were former owners of the New Orleans Brass minor-league hockey team.

Although local law enforcement officials are moving away from housing detainees for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, it appears a newly announced construction project will keep many of them in Louisiana.

The planned detainment facility is in Alexandria.

Gov. Bobby Jindal‘s polling numbers might be higher if the Louisiana economy was stronger or, absent that, his communication skills were sharper — especially when it comes to economic policy, according to a report in Governing Magazine.

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