Police accused of misconduct after taking down teen; developer eyes theme park in Houma, not New Orleans

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Criminal Justice

Why take a child or a young man that’s 130 pounds and sling him across? Why not just walk up to him and say, ‘What are you doing? What’s your name or why are you here?’ That’s a human being. I would hate to think that it was because these boys were young black boys. I would hate to think that.

The NOPD says the tape revealed “no obvious violations of misconduct.” However the NAACP has called for investigations into police brutality.

Instead, the governor is pitching it in private meetings with state legislators. The governor’s desire for secrecy led to an extraordinary confrontation with one lawmaker who refused to return a two-page outline of the governor’s plan that had been distributed at their meeting last week.


Related: an editorial by the Chicago Sun-Times says mass closures of under-enrolled, low-performing Chicago schools cannot be done “sanely and humanely” in one year’s time.

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