Texas Brine Co. has developed a backup plan to replace the cracked southern section of a protective levee surrounding the sinkhole in northern Assumption Parish and may look to reroute Bayou Corne if conditions deteriorate further, records show.

The company’s new draft plan, filed this month with regulators who are still reviewing it, proposes “triggers” that would prompt the levee replacement.

I once argued that Gov. Bobby Jindal’s participation in an exorcism would prove deadly to his national political ambitions. I still believe that to be the case, and it may well be the reason that Mitt Romney passed over Jindal in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan in 2012.

But I believe there is another, more powerful reason, Jindal will never be president.

He’s a bigot.

There’s really no other way to view someone who goes out of his way to endorse and defend the abhorrent views of a bigoted homophobe like Phil Robertson of A&E’s “Duck Dynasty.”

The scientists reviewed nearly 100 research studies of coastal change. They also noted that, according to an international register of disasters, more than 60 percent of economic losses – around $400 billion – occurred in the North Atlantic, one of the areas least at risk from tropical hurricanes. The lesson is that governments and civic authorities will need to think more carefully about future threats.

Sidney Torres’ wife, Shirley, 70, has lived in Lafourche Parish her whole life. Never, she said, has she felt as afraid, for herself and for her family, as she did on Thursday. A retired nurse who worked for years at Ochsner St. Anne, Shirley Torres wondered if the gunman was targeting hospital employees. The couple’s daughter-in-law is also a nurse; Susan Gouaux was her nanny. “I could feel myself trembling,” she said. “It was just, fear. So much fear.”

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