Critics say ‘Audubon Empire’ should be self-sustaining; only 2 La. schools make national list

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‘The bells of liberty are surely ringing throughout Florida today,’ said Representative Heather Dawes Fitzenhagen, a Fort Myers Republican who sponsored the bill lifting permit requirements for concealed weapons in an emergency declared by the governor or local authorities.

State Rep. Brett Geymann, R-Lake Charles, said the governor’s budget is littered with accounting tricks to make the numbers work. He said legislators are not going to back taking $50 million from New Orleans’ Morial Convention Center or shuffling around coastal funding.

According to Ride New Orleans, 20 regional buses carrying 5,000-7,000 riders each day stop in the CBD Transit Hub every day.  The group will set up 200 chairs on Elk Avenue between Tulane and Canal, and the chairs will include “slogans inviting riders to make themselves comfortable while they wait.”  The goal of the demonstration is to show riders that more comfortable transit conditions are within reach.

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