Coastal restoration funds used for tourism promotion; Jindal’s voucher program grows

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Where others within the Department of Education (DOE) have alluded privately to data suppression and manipulation of school performance scores that artificially inflated graduation rates, [Herb] Bassett, a band director who said he was “highly qualified” to teach math, publicly charged White, BESE and DOE of misrepresenting test scores and then covering up the lie by removing the data from the Louisiana Believes website. ‘This is data suppression,’ Bassett said.

The controversial incident has raised concerns about the excessive use of force by officers and potential racist behavior, but [State Police Superintendent Mike] Edmonson said his troopers acted appropriately under the circumstances. “You don’t see us striking an individual, you don’t see us hitting an individual, you don’t see us kicking an individual,” Edmonson said.

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