Coastal funding would bring tidal wave of new jobs; how to attract cop recruits?

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The proposal, which will be filed for consideration in this legislative session, tackles what are known as legacy lawsuits.

The lawsuits involve damage often created years ago by oil and gas drilling. Industry claims the expensive litigation drives it out of Louisiana. Landowners counter that oil and gas companies aren’t readily cleaning up their environmental mess.

According to a new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a minimum-wage worker in the District of Columbia – where the wage floor is currently $8.25 an hour – would need to work 137 hours a week to afford what the Department of Housing and Urban Development considers a fair market rent for a modest two-bedroom home.

House Bill 6, as amended in committee, would require the employer contribution to what is called the Optional Retirement Plan to reach 6.2 percent by 2018. It is the same amount private employers are required to contribute toward Social Security but less than what other public universities and colleges in the U.S. pitch in to the retirement plans for, primarily, their faculty.

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