City Park to close earlier at night; Jindal explains his Common Core flip-flop

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The old Pan American Life building on Canal Street is now open and being prepared as an administrative building for the new veterans’ hospital. The $2 billion UMC-VA hospital project has benefited hundreds of workers as well as Mid-City property owners.

“There’s a lot of property value increase,” said resident Josef Wright. “I think there’s a lot of mania at the moment, that should settle down once the hospital opens.”

Louisiana’s top three schools, according to U.S. News, are Thomas Jefferson High School in Gretna and New Orleans Charter Science Academy and New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High. The rankings took into account a school’s minority and poverty enrollment, as well as performance on national and state standardized tests.

The Oklahoma supreme court has dissolved its stay of the executions of two men who challenged the state’s secrecy about its source of lethal injection drugs. The court reversed the decision of a district court judge who said the law that keeps the source secret is unconstitutional.

The turnaround heads off a potential constitutional crisis sparked by the state’s Republican governor, Mary Fallin, who had tried to override the stay by issuing an executive order to go ahead with the sentences.

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