With the growing proliferation of video cameras — including those inside police cars and on Tasers, as well as surveillance systems and cell phones — police departments around the country are grappling with the issue of what to do when cops’ memories differ from what the cameras show. The human brain perceives and stores information differently during high-stress incidents, experts say, so videos often show things that police officers don’t recall from their own experience.

“People all around the world, and even most people here in Louisiana, saw the BP oil disaster as an unacceptable, reckless event,” said Marylee Orr, executive director of the Louisiana Environmental Action Network. “Here we have a domestic energy company that has had crude oil leaking continuously from their wells for nine years and with no apparent consequences from the government.”

Starting Monday, the hours of the ferry route will be cut by almost 40 percent, with late night and early morning trips sacrificed to stretch the system’s limited funding until a long-term solution takes shape. In a process that started last year, the boats have been cut off of the Crescent City Connection tolls that almost completely paid for the routes.

International Olympic officials require a host city to have a minimum of 45,000 hotel rooms. Tulsa has about 15,000. And the estimated price tag, which will almost certainly top $5 billion, is equivalent to more than half the state budget.

Charles Maldonado

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