If Jindal signs SB 469 and the new law lets BP off the hook, Louisiana will suffer irreparable harm — and Jindal will go down in infamy as the worst governor Louisiana has ever had.

The inmates apparently would be moved to the Elayn Hunt Correctional Center, about an hour’s drive from New Orleans, for months or even years while [Sheriff Marlin] Gusman seeks to build a detention facility that could accommodate inmates in need of acute mental health care.

Among the standouts:

    • The B-rated KIPP Central City Academy bested several A schools in math in most grades.

    • Lagniappe Academies, rated a B by the state, was the only member of the Recovery School District to have all eighth-graders pass English and math.
    • In fourth-grade English and math, students at Dr. King Charter School, rated a C by the state, had more of its students pass English and math than every school but Lusher Charter School and Lake Forest Elementary Charter School.

Oklahoma is the second state to repeal the Common Core. Indiana dumped the standards in March. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed a law May 30 that requires the state to review the Common Core before Jan. 1 and implement new standards by the 2015-16 school year.

Louisiana is one of nine states where the number of structurally deficient bridges has increased since the 2007 bridge collapse in Minnesota, according to an analysis of federal statistics by Governing magazine.

[City Councilwoman Nadine] Ramsey said she didn’t find the HDLC’s arguments in favor of retaining the Teche Street structure — that demolition would erode the streetscape and create a vast open space, among other reasons — sufficiently compelling to oppose the teardown.

Mark Moseley

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