BP denied; LSU oil engineering program at risk; city can’t duck pension obligations

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While the measure as originally introduced directed state agencies to reduce spending on their professional, consulting and personal contracts by 10 percent, it was amended to simply have the Joint Legislative Budget Committee review all such contracts over $40,000 that are paid with state general funds.

The newly constituted board, in line with changes approved by the state Legislature and a voter referendum last year, will have 11 members instead of 13. The three council members who have served on the board will be removed, professional qualifications are now required of most first-time members and members’ terms have shrunk from nine years to four.

Whether T-shirt shop opponents will make any real dent in the souvenir trade remains to be seen. But the city’s inability to create (and uniformly enforce) sensible policies that take into account what people are and have been doing for generations seems certain to continue.

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