Angola inmate decries strip searches; Big Brother is watching you right next door

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Criminal Justice

Woodfox seeks a court ruling that would end such [strip] searches as routine prison policy any time he is removed from his cell block for outdoor exercise, visits to the infirmary, visits from friends or family and discussions with his attorneys.

Civilian cameras aren’t as high-quality or consistent as public surveillance systems, but they can be an efficient alternative. By relying instead on footage from people like Vogel, the New Orleans police have effectively blanketed the city with security cameras they don’t have to pay to install, maintain, or monitor.

In the automated phone survey in Louisiana conducted on Oct. 30 and 31, respondents generally said they favored EPA’s proposed plans to limit carbon air pollution released by power plants. And, the majority of respondents indicated that they trust EPA scientists and experts to decide on carbon limits, rather than politicians in Congress.

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