Ancient underground bayous draining river; City Council snuffs the roosters

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The looming public pension crisis in Louisiana is worse than originally thought. What most of us figured was approaching a $20 billion problem is actually, according to a new report, a staggering $74.9 billion problem.

“I want them to be able to get us a superstar. To me, it’s a life-and-death search,” said Dillard University President Walter Kimbrough. Literally, to member Bobbie Stevenson. After a week that saw the murders of several New Orleans children, she said she wants a superintendent who “knows what it takes to put a package together to educate the children of this community so they don’t go around shooting other kids.””

About two weeks after The Lens investigated familial ties at the charter organization Friends of King Schools, Chief Executive Officer Doris Roché-Hicks filed new ethics disclosures stating why she is legally allowed to employ three of her immediate relatives.

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