The U.S. Coast Guard wants to allow barges filled with fracking wastewater to ply the nation’s rivers on their way toward disposal in Louisiana and other places. Many environmentalists are horrified, but industry groups say barge transport has its advantages.

Former NOPD officer Travis McCabe is slated to be retried next year for his role in the alleged cover-up. But if Glover’s shooting was justified, the argument goes, does McCabe’s alleged altering of a police report to downplay the shooting still rise to the same criminal level?

And with former officer Gregory McRae, who admitted burning Glover’s body in a car on the Algiers levee, was his action just dealing with one more Katrina corpse with nowhere to go, instead of the disposal of possible evidence of an officer committing murder?

Monday morning, Orleans Parish Coroner announced that he would reopen the Glover case to review FBI evidence he hasn’t seen. Naomi Martin of Times-Picayune tweeted, “Minyard: expects to have reclassification of Glover death in 7-10 days. Glovers death was changed from accident to undetermined in Oct. 2009.” has just published a short story on Minyard’s announcement.

Government & Politics

The main focus of the 2014 legislative package, [state Rep. Neil] Abramson said, will be mandatory education for law enforcement and creating a revenue stream that would help support the services to help the young prostitutes integrate back into regular, everyday life.

Mayor Mitchell J. Landrieu of New Orleans recalled receiving a $4 million grant from [New York City Mayor Michael] Bloomberg last year to hire a team of eight outside experts that advised the city on how to lower its murder rate. Since then, the city has created a multiagency team to combat gang activity, set up a midnight basketball league to keep young men off the streets and pushed to make it harder for those charged with gun crimes to get out of jail.

The murder rate in New Orleans has fallen by 17 percent this year.

“To his credit,” Mr. Landrieu said of Mr. Bloomberg, “this guy is putting his personal money into making city government work better.”

The largest building to ever be picked up and relocated in the state is on the move for the third time.

The McDonogh 11 School is slowly being re-positioned outside of the LSU Medical Center footprint.

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