The northern edge of Bay Jimmy in Plaquemines Parish is significantly smaller than it was just one year ago. … The Bay Jimmy area has been used as a test ground to find the best way of treating oiled wetlands, but many of the treatment methods, including hand and machine raking and pressure spraying, also damaged the remaining grasses, making them susceptible to erosion.

Fortunately, an “explosion in oil-munching bacteria” processed a good chunk of the pollution flowing from the Macondo well site, according to environmental biologist Terry Hazen. However, we still don’t know to what extent the oil-eating microbes disrupted underwater ecosystems in the Gulf.

In a related story, The Advocate writes about lingering questions regarding the health of the coastal ecosystem

A June 2012 article in U.S. News and World Report has been making the rounds in New Orleans in the wake of the River Birch collapse. Titled “Government’s Leading Anticorruption Group Fraught With Failure,” the article suggests that the Public Integrity Section, once viewed as an enviable perch within the Justice Department, is now regarded as a legal Siberia. It’s possible [River Birch landfill owner Fred] Heebe’s legal team … simply ran circles around Public Integrity, and that the Washington crew decided to cut its losses.

Here is the U.S. News & World Report article referred to in the story: “Government’s Leading Anticorruption Group Fraught with Failure.”

A state audit faults the Recovery School District for not properly overseeing modular campus construction after Hurricane Katrina, resulting in $6.1 million in questionable costs on the $105 million project. … The report lands as New Orleans works its way through a massive school rebuilding plan funded in large part by nearly $2 billion in FEMA funds. It also comes just a week after … a separate audit showing that $2.7 million in property had been lost, misplaced or stolen from the Recovery School District in the last 4 years.

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Would Republicans really consider nominating someone who is so deeply unpopular among his own constituents? Actually, you don’t have to go back very far to find a precedent for when Republicans did exactly that. Their nominee last year, Mitt Romney, was very unpopular among Massachusetts voters by the time he finished his single term as governor in 2006.”

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