City Workers Deserve $15 an Hour

Here’s my Labor Day message for New Orleans’ elected leaders and everyone running for office this year: stand with workers like me who are fighting for the wages we need to raise our families with dignity. My coworkers and I are doing essential work for the City of New Orleans, and we should be paid like it.

Who will build, manage and maintain our future?

Our future ability to perform day-to-day errands, let alone recover from storms and weather disruptions, relies on malfunctioning infrastructure in desperate need of repairs and improvements. We need to be training that workforce now.

ICE Uses Language Barriers to Silence Asylum Seekers in Louisiana

ICE detention centers in Louisiana offer limited access to translation services which are integral for asylum seekers to successfully navigate the immigration process, seek legal counsel, and acquire medical assistance.

The Big March to Save Lives in Death Alley

Will Louisiana, beholden as it is to Big Oil and the chemical industry, ever get serious about cleaning up Death Alley?