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Storm defense got short shrift; double-billing = theft; road shame in Lakeview

The thickly landscaped five blocks of Hayes Valley that conclude with a small park attracted a different group last week: 11 visitors from the eastern half of the United States who wanted to see what happens when a double-deck roadway is erased from the map.

“This boulevard is beautiful, in my opinion,” said Jessica Knox of New Orleans, where there’s talk of removing a 1.6-mile stretch of Interstate 10 that cuts through a largely African American neighborhood. “You can’t even tell a freeway was here.”

Responding to an inspector general’s audit that uncovered dozens of misclassified rapes, New Orleans Police Superintendent Ronal Serpas acknowledged Wednesday there is room for improvement in the department’s crime reporting, even as he disputed the audit and insisted no one under his watch has attempted to “game the stats.”

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Mark Moseley blogs at Your Right Hand Thief. Until mid 2014, Mark Moseley was The Lens' opinion writer, engagement specialist and coordinator for the Charter Schools Reporting Corps. After Katrina and the Federal Flood he helped create the Rising Tide conference, which grew into an annual social media event dedicated to the future of New Orleans.