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Legislators blame Landrieu’s lobbying style for mixed results; Lakefront Airport shines again

In an interview at his office Wednesday, [Leon] Cannizzaro said, “You’ve got to make (people) understand … (a hurricane) is a time of emergency – don’t take advantage of people because you can. We’ve seen people stealing liquor, cigarettes, candy. … It wasn’t like people were going for the necessities because they were in dire need.””

In interviews during the Legislature’s closing week, New Orleans legislators and their aides said they agreed with the central tenets of [Mayor Mitch] Landrieu’s legislative agenda. But some said publicly — and others privately — that they couldn’t stomach the mayor’s pugnacious lobbying strategy.

“All of us have on a regular basis throughout our careers advocated that if we make the investment in ocean conservation and health, it will pay dividends, not only economically, but for human health and well-being. And in the Gulf, with the dollars that are going to come here, we’re going to have a chance to prove that. Either we’re going to be a model for what the value of that investment can be, or it’s going to be a hammer that’s going to be used against all of us in other situations.”

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