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Blogger raises questions about WWL’s call of races while Secretary of State website was down

This is an important question. I’ve noticed in the past few elections that WWL has been noticeably ahead of the other networks with voting results. Still, being ahead didn’t prevent Rigamer from making a remarkable blunder when he projected an outright win for Sheriff Marlin Gusman. Presumably due to WWL’s projection, Gusman came out early and delivered a tentative, pre-victory speech. When Gusman ended up with only 49 percent of the vote, Rigamer didn’t hedge and said he “made a mistake.”

The venom seems to flow freely between Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s administration and the city’s police unions over a key feature of the wide-ranging reform deal the mayor signed with the federal government in July 2012 — namely, putting New Orleans’ age-old and lucrative police moonlighting industry under new management.

What’s happening right now in Louisiana is a very slippery business and something no American should be comfortable with. …

The legal safeguards we pretend absolve us with capital punishment aren’t even being followed here. Louisiana is trying to kill a man in bad faith. That is unconscionable.

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